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Pointe Electives

head-heart-hands Pointe Electives are a great way to take advantage of spiritual growth opportunities which will deepen your faith journey.
Please note that programming for children ages birth—5th grade will be offered free of charge for those parents participating in a Wednesday Pointe Elective or volunteering in child care. Child care will be limited, so please register soon.

Student Ministry programming information will be emailed out separately by
Luke Bilberry.

Registration for Pointe Electives is now closed. If you are interested in participating in a class this semester, please contact Cyndi Heath at

Sunday Morning Pointe Electives – beginning January 22

Minor Prophets  Listening to God. The last 12 books of the Old Testament are called the Minor Prophets due to the length of the books, not the lack of importance in the messages. Our study in the Minor Prophets will focus on God using these prophets to reveal God’s message for today and in the future.

Living by the Book  Learn how to grow your faith and live Biblical truth by gaining skills in Bible Study. You will learn how to discover the insights of the Bible through observation, interpretation and application. Getting the big picture of an overview of the Bible will help you get oriented and ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The book, Living by the Book, by Dr. Howard Hendricks and his son, William, was the result of a lifetime of teaching Bible Study Methods at Dallas Seminary in a way we can all understand! This13-week class is taught by Terry Troeger. There is a $15 cost per person for the book.

Sharing Your Faith with Confidence  Fear keeps many Christ followers from sharing their faith. This learning experience will equip you to share the gospel of Christ with confidence. You will be enabled to live a redemptive lifestyle, build relationships with others who need Christ, communicate the gospel clearly, share your personal story, answer questions and prayerfully depend on the Holy Spirit as you obey the Great Commission. This 13-week class is taught by Jeff Burget and Luke Foerch.

Wednesday Night Pointe Electives – beginning January 25

Apologetics 101: Answering Faith’s Questions  Apologetics is about answering questions that both believers and unbelievers have about the Bible, God, Christ, and the gospel. Peter tells us to “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you.” (1 Peter 3:15). This class will help you think biblically about important questions, firm up your faith foundations, and prepare you to answer questions that come when sharing the gospel with others. This class will be taught by Brian Porritt and John Cassidy. There is a $14 cost per person to cover the textbook, Reasons for Belief, by Dr. Norman Geisler.

Biblical Parenting 101 – Raising Godly Kids in a Post-Christian Culture  Let us help you build a foundation for intentional, Biblical parenting that flows from the character of our Heavenly Father. This class will provide practical ideas and specific steps to take home and put into action. This class is taught by John & Jackie VanDyke.

Crown Financial  Crown Financial is designed to teach participants how to live by God’s design in handling and managing finances (work & life). Participants will learn biblical financial principles on topics like God’s part/our part, spending, debt, work, saving, investing and giving. Taught by Todd Cox and Fred DeGraaf, this small group learning environment is highly interactive, takes place over 10 weeks and has homework for each week’s lesson. The cost for this class is $26 per person to cover materials. If you are married, we strongly recommend taking this class together.

Discovery  Discover how God has uniquely equipped you for ministry impact in the body of Christ. Biblical teaching and evaluation tools will help you identify your sweet spot based on your spiritual gifts, ministry passion, strengths, experience and talents. You will learn the synergy of teaming up with others in a shared ministry where you will be most fulfilled and fruitful for Christ. This 12-week class is led by Steve Harper. There is a $15 cost per person for materials.

Foundations of Faith: Our Amazing God  Discover together biblical truths about the glories of God’s attributes, names, and works. We will learn about the mystery and wonder of the Trinity. We will explore an understanding of God our Father. This study will deepen your experience with God in faith, love, and worship. This 13-week class will be taught by Pastor Charles Alber. There is a $27 cost per person or couple for this class that covers the textbook, Practical Christian Theology, by Floyd Barackman and the additional materials. (This text will also be used for future Foundations of Faith classes.)

Opening Paul’s Mail – A Survey of Paul’s NT Letters  The letters of Paul are foundational to our understanding of NT faith, the Christian life, and the ministry of the church. This class will give an introduction to each of Paul’s letters including a biography of Paul, historical setting, ministry context, outline, theological themes and practical life applications. Deepen your roots of faith and grow in godliness by reading Paul’s mail! Pastor Jim Jeffery will teach this class. There is a $27 cost per person or couple for this class that covers the textbook, Paul and His Letters, by John B. Polhill.

Traveling with Paul  Follow Paul’s journeys to learn about the cultural, historical and geographical background of the seven areas to whom he wrote letters. Marcia Johnson will take you on this trek with photos, maps, and stories that help the Scriptures come alive. Learn what Paul’s in-person messages and letters meant to their original hearers, information which is needed to accurately apply them to our own lives. This elective begins February 8.

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