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Pointe Groups

What Are Pointe Groups?

A Pointe Group is any group of people who meet on a regular basis to share in Christ-centered community. Pointe Groups all focus around a few objectives: Relationships, Prayer, Bible Study and Serving. There are many different options within Pointe Groups that you can plug into! No matter which type of group you choose, God has called us into a growing relationship with Him.

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Types of Pointe Groups

Growth Groups – Small groups meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and usually are held in a home. This is a great time of spiritual growth, prayer, having accountability and building friendships. These groups “do life” together.

Men’s & Women’s Bible Studies – There are various men’s and women’s studies that are available throughout the week. We have Precept Bible Studies along with topical Bible Studies.

Host Groups – Six week small group designed to help attendees and newer guests connect with one another in a low key environment. The Host Groups are generally launched each Fall. The curriculum is discussion-based and centered around the Sunday morning worship service.


1. How do I find a group?

Please contact our Equipping Pastor, Jim Jeffery, at

2. How long does a group last?

Each group is different. Some groups meet seasonally and others never stop meeting, but joining a group is not a life-time commitment. You decide when you join and when you leave a group depending on where God takes you in your journey.

3. What if I have a hard time connecting in my group?

Every group is unique. If you try out a group and things don’t work out, let us help you find another group. There is a group for you.

4. What about my children?

Every group handles childcare differently. Talk to the leader of the group and find out what they are doing for childcare.

5. What will my group study?

Each group chooses their own study. All the resources used by Pointe Groups have been reviewed and approved by Chapel Pointe. Contact the Pointe Group leaders to find out more about what they’re studying.